AT&T Expands Gigabit Availability in Dallas

AT&T continues to slowly but surely expand the limited reach of its gigabit fiber service, announcing that Dallas is the latest city to see expanded U-Verse with “Gigapower” gigabit availability. According to an AT&T announcement availability for the ultra-fast service has expanded across Southern Dallas to “tens of thousands of homes, apartments and small businesses” in the area primarily south of the Trinity River and Highway 30. The company says it plans to nearly double the availability of AT&T GigaPower in Southern Dallas in the next 12 months.

Pricing of AT&T’s gigabit tier varies depending on the level of local competition.

In markets where AT&T sees pressure from a municipal broadband provider or ISP like Google Fiber, AT&T gigabit pricing begins at $70 a month. In Dallas and markets where Google Fiber isn’t — pricing begins at $110 per month. AT&T U-Verse service is notably more expensive if you want to opt out of the company’s deep-packet inspection snoopvertising.

AT&T also recently imposed usage caps that vary based on your speed tier, with gigabit connections capped at 1 terabyte of usage per month before overage fees are incurred. The majority of AT&T customers don’t have access to gigabit speeds, deployment of which is primarily reserved for higher-end housing developments or areas where significant fiber has already been deployed.

“The fiber-enhanced speeds will open up new possibilities for technology innovators and businesses, as well as consumers who want faster speeds for surfing, shopping, gaming, social networking, and more,” AT&T says of the latest expansion.


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