AT&T’s Cricket Takes Aim at T-Mobile With $70 Unlimited Data

Cricket Wireless Logo

Taking specific aim at T-Mobile, AT&T’s Cricket has unveiled a new unlimited data promo for smartphone customers. According to the announcement, Cricket’s now offering users unlimited text, voice and data for $70 a month — fees and surcharges included. That price drops to $65 a month if customers sign up for autopay. The announcement is chock full of mentions of T-Mobile, which has been gobbling up a lot of these value-focused customers AT&T and Verizon sometimes tend to forget exist.

“T-Mobile charges at least $25 more each month for its Simple Choice Unlimited Plan for one smartphone line on a smaller 4G LTE network,” says Cricket. “Very Uncool.”

Note that as usual, there’s a few caveats. Cricket’s LTE service is throttled back to 8Mbps, and when riding the HSPA+ network you’re reduced to max speeds of around 4 Mbps. As with many unlimited plans, users also are prohibited from officially tethering their devices, or using their smartphone as a mobile hotspot or modem.

AT&T bought Cricket back in 2013 from Leap Wireless for $1.2 billion, and relaunched the revamped brand in 2014. Cricket replace AT&T’s own, in-house attempt at a less expensive brand: AIO Wireless.

“Cricket has over 275,000 more square miles of 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile,” the company says of the offering. “And our unlimited plan for a single smartphone line is $25 less a month. More coverage for a lot less money two great reasons to make the switch.”

Cricket is also giving users a $100 bill credit if they switch from T-Mobile.


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