Charter Offers $15, 30 Mbps Service as Per Merger Condition

Charter Communications

Charter Communications has launched a $30, 15 Mbps broadband tier aimed at low-income homes as required by conditions on its recent mega-merger. A Charter announcement states that the 15 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up tier, dubbed Spectrum Assist, is available to families with students who participate in the National School Lunch Program or Seniors who are 65 and older who receive Supplemental Security Income program benefits.

Like other programs of this type there are a few caveats for those looking to sign up.

One, interested users cannot have had a Charter/Time Warner Cable/Bright House Network broadband subscription within 60 days of signing up. Two, interested applicants can’t have any outstanding debt with Charter, Time Warner Cable, or Bright House at the time of setting up. Three, there are already some complaints bubbling up claiming Charter made the option hard to find, which is par for the course for these kinds of merger conditions.

“Spectrum Internet Assist is an important next step in providing true high-speed connections to those who would otherwise continue to face digital inequality in this country,” Charter CEO Tom Rutledge says of the offering.

According to the company, Spectrum Assist launched this week in Charter s legacy service area, and will continue to be rolled out market by market with a goal of covering the remaining Charter footprint by mid-2017.


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