Comcast Bumps Performance Pro, Blast Pro Speeds in Many Markets

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Comcast continues to slowly deploy its latest round of speed upgrades, this week boosting tier speeds in a number of new areas at no additional charge (for the time being). According to a flurry of Comcast announcements, Comcast is boosting the speed of its Performance Pro and Blast Pro tiers in Kansas City, Minnesota and the Twin Cities area, portions of the Pacific Northwest, and Houston.

“We realize technical innovations are occurring rapidly, and our customers need the speed to make the most of them,” the company said in a statement.

Performance Pro customers will see their download speed increase from 75 Mbps to up to 100 Mbps and Blast Pro customers will receive increases from 150 Mbps to up to 200 Mbps. Most new customers will receive these new speeds immediately when they sign-up and existing users can expect to see new speeds before December 1, says Comcast.

To get the increased speeds, most customers will simply need to re-start their modems when notified by Comcast that the new speeds are available.

Keep in mind that these speed increases come as Comcast continues to push its controversial usage caps and overage fees (effectively a glorified price hike) into many of these markets as it attempts to fend of streaming video competition.

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