Comcast Job Listings Hint at Wireless Plans

Comcast has been working on a wireless product for a while, recently reaching out to Verizon to rework a 2011 spectrum-sharing deal. Such a deal could involve Comcast offering a Wi-Fi focused wireless service that leans heavily on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. But company executives have also indicated that they plan to bid at the ongoing 600MHz auction, indicating that Comcast may have something more direct planned. Either way, Comcast has been hiring executives to manage whatever wireless project Comcast is building.

The Donahue Report noticed a recent job posting on Comcast’s career website. The posting says Comcast is recruiting a mobile technology lab leader who “will be responsible for leading the technology trial activities in the lab related to the assessment of various mobile technologies in the areas of licensed and unlicensed spectrum bands.”

Comcast also appears to be looking for a VP of business development strategy with “expertise with the MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator category and MVNO agreements,” according to a different listing. That potential hire should have “broad knowledge of the US. mobile industry and global wireless technology ecosystem,” as well as familiarity with “GSM, CDMA, LTE, VoIP, VoLTE, iOS, Android, PSTN, etc.”

There has been continued speculation that instead of offering its own wireless service Comcast could acquire a wireless carrier like T-Mobile, but Comcast has repeatedly denied any such interest. And as T-Mobile finds more success in disrupting the market, the price tag for the “uncarrier” will only increase. The FCC’s 600 Mhz incentive auction began on March 29.


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