Danbury, CT Eyes $15, 20 Mbps Broadband for All City Residents

Like so many cities, Danbury Connecticut is apparently tired of incumbent broadband providers not trying very hard. As such, the city is just the latest to explore a public/private partnership it hopes will bring dirt-cheap utility-style broadband to the city. According to the Danbury News Times, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton wants a private partner to build a city-wide fiber network that will initially offer 20 Mbps broadband for $15 a month.

In a unique twist though, Boughton took things one step further by suggesting that once the network is paid off, the price of the service should drop to zero:

The plan, assuming at least half of the city supports it, is for a company such as Frontier Communications to build and maintain a fiber optic network that would cost each household that wants the service $15 a month for five years. The monthly rate would subsequently drop. “After five years, because the infrastructure will be built out, it will go down to $5 a month, and then five years after that the rate should go down to zero, Boughton said. It will be self-sustaining with new enrollees.”

Obviously here in the real world Danbury probably won’t ever actually offer broadband for nothing, but the city’s ambition does reflect a growing shift toward seeing broadband less as an expensive luxury, and more as a discounted utility. Granted the city makes it clear the project is only moving forward if the majority of the city votes for it.


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