Deutsche Telekom Wants to Duplicate T-Mobile Success Overseas

Just a few years ago, T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom wanted nothing to do with the U.S. wireless market, and was talking to numerous companies about a potential sale. But with regulators blocking any such deals, and T-Mobile’s pro-consumer “uncarrier” marketing moves now paying out huge dividends, the German company is changing its tune. In fact, a report over at Bloomberg suggests that Deutsche Telekom is thinking about taking the PR approach used here in the states, and trying it with T-Mobile in the Netherlands:


Deutsche Telekom is weighing the more disruptive strategy as it seeks to revive T-Mobile Netherlands after a planned sale failed, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. The option is one of several and the German carrier may decide against it, one of the people said.

The problem? In the Netherlands T-mobile has been around for 17 years and has a pretty-well established reputation, making a sudden shift toward pro-consumer maverick likely unbelievable. The Netherlands also wouldn’t have outspoken T-Mobile US CEO John Legere, whose antics (genuine or theatrical) are a big reason for T-Mobile’s turnaround here in the States.


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