Frontier Blames Outages on ‘Corrupt Data’ Inherited From Verizon –

Frontier is blaming ongoing problems with the integration of Verizon’s Texas, Florida, and California DSL, FiOS and phone customers on “corrupt data” provided by Verizon. Problems have plagued the company since the switch over of these acquired customers began back on April 1, prompting a hearing held this week by the California State Assembly’s Utilities & Commerce Committee. At the hearing Frontier West Region President Melinda White told lawmakers that “corrupt data” inherited from Verizon was to blame for a large number of the problems.

White didn’t specify the nature of this corrupt data, or why it didn’t impact these Verizon customers before the handover.

The Frontier executive told California lawmakers the company has figured out how to fix the issues caused by this mysteriously corrupted data, but that it will need another ten days to work through the backlog of impacted customers. The California government says it will hold the company’s feet to the fire.

Frontier has found itself increasingly under fire from politicians, who have been increasingly under fire from annoyed constituents. In addition to the California hearings, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi forced the company to attend a meeting at her office to explain why the company wasn’t better prepared for the influx of millions of new customers.

Consumers in turn are wondering why politicians keep approving deals like this when history tends to repeat itself — as we saw when Fairpoint Communications effectively imploded after the acquisition of Verizon’s Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire broadband users. Verizon has yet to comment on Frontier’s claims that corrupt data is to blame for the lion’s share of ongoing issues for Frontier.
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