Frontier Promising 100-300 Mbps Speeds For Acquired Customers

Frontier Communications Logo
Sure, Frontier Communications just proved to recently acquired Florida, Texas and California customers that it can barely handle basic customer support, but the company is promising to make things better with a slate of upcoming speed upgrades for these users. Speaking at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, Frontier CEO Dan McCarthy stated that the company is existing remote terminal (RT) and central office (CO) sites with newer DSLAMS and bonding technologies to deliver 100 to 300 Mbps broadband speeds to many customers.

“Today, in a copper market within the CTF markets, the max speed may be 7 Mbps and that (is) in an area that’s closed for sale because you have exceeded the capability of the technology,” McCarthy said. “As we put in a next-gen technology solution, we go from 7 Mbps to 100 or 300 Mbps depending on the bonding and the different frequency of the DSLAM equipment we would use.”

The CEO made it clear that Verizon had been neglecting many of these unwanted markets, which have seen plenty of price hikes but few corresponding improvements in service speed or quality.

“That is a quantum change from a product set perspective both on a commercial side, small business and consumer side,” McCarthy said. “We think we can change the trend in the business by introducing a much better product.”

Granted Frontier currently has its hand full with simply picking up the phone, and many of the territories that were acquired from Verizon years ago still say they’re not being upgraded in any significant scale. That’s because at the end of the day competition is what really drives upgrades — and Frontier doesn’t see a whole lot of it across large swaths of the company’s footprint.


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