Google Fiber Begins San Antonio Construction

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After being officially announced as an expansion market last summer, Google Fiber says it has officially begun construction on its gigabit fiber to the home deployment in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio’s an absolutely sprawling metropolitan market that poses some notable challenges to a company whose progress on deploying fiber to smaller cities has been steady, but slow. An e-mail being sent to users makes it clear that actual gigabit fiber service will still likely be some time away.

“We ll be deploying about 4,000 linear miles of fiber optic cable throughout San Antonio,” Google Fiber says in the e-mail. “That’s enough fiber to reach from here to Canada, and back. This will take time.”

After initially targeting smaller cities like Austin, Kansas City and Provo, Google Fiber has started scaling up its ambitions, taking aim at other potential sprawling markets like Chicago and Los Angeles.

Given the larger nature of these markets, Google’s been starting to explore additional ways to help speed up deployment. In San Francisco and Atlanta, for example, the company has announced that it will be offering Google Fiber immediately using existing fiber in many development communities and apartment complexes.

Again though, Google Fiber is giving no hard target for when San Antonio customers will be able to sign up for service.

We’ve started to ramp up our Google construction efforts in San Antonio. You ll see us around town digging and stringing fiber cables so that we can deliver Google Fiber s superfast Internet to the city,” Clarissa Ramon, Google’s community impact manager, says in a statement. “As we lay thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable throughout San Antonio, we ll keep residents updated along the way.

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