Google Fiber Goes Live in a Tiny Part of Nashville

Google Fiber Logo

After announcing plans to expand into the city fifteen months ago, Google Fiber says it has started lighting up a handful of apartment buildings in the city this week. As in Atlanta and San Franciso, it appears that Google Fiber is leaning on existing fiber deployments in Nashville to bring ultra-fast service to some areas faster than others. A report in the Tennessean states that Google Fiber is available in just four apartment and condo buildings starting this week, and the company has launched a “Fiber Space” store in the city to show off the service to would-be customers.

In a post on Twitter, Google Fiber says that interested Nashville users can use this tool to see if Google Fiber is coming to their own apartment any time soon. Meanwhile, the company says that while select apartments will get an early crack at the service, they intend to deploy it evenly across Nashville.

Our goal really is to connect the lion’s share of Nashville,” the company says of the deployment. “Not just apartments and condos but all residents, whether they are in a single-family home or a multi-dwelling unit, and small businesses as well.”

Pricing in Nashville will be the same as other Google Fiber markets. Users now have the choice of getting a symmetrical 100 Mbps connection for $50 a month, a symmetrical gigabit connection for $70 a month, or television service with a symmetrical gigabit line for $130 per month. Last month Google Fiber announced they’d also be offering phone service to customers for an additional $10 a month. Phone service isn’t available in all Google Fiber markets yet, but will be available in Nashville, says the company.

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