Sling TV Launches Multi-Streams, New $20 Channel Bundle

Sling TV

Dish’s SlingTV today announced that the company is making several changes. One is the beta launch of a new option to watch up to three live streams at once for the first time since the service launched. The other involves a new $20 channel package that heavily features content from Fox. The new channel pack includes content from FOX Broadcasting, FX, National Geographic and FOX Sports. Interestingly, the package excludes any content from Disney, including ESPN (the prime reason for high cable costs).

Users can still buy the old core channel pack that includes ESPN and other channels, but you’ll pay another $20.

The seemingly fractured nature of channel availability reflects the fractured nature of often restrictive broadcast licensing agreements. As does the fact that, unlike Sony’s more expensive Playstation Vue service, Sling TV still doesn’t offer users a DVR option to record content.

Since launch, our customers have asked for more channels and multiple streams. We believe our new multi-stream service, anchored by a strong lineup of Fox content, including top franchises like Empire and The Americans on FOX and FX, as well as access to Major League Baseball in 15 markets, including the New York Yankees, is the first step in answering their requests,” Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch said of the new offering.

Users that want additional content beyond the core Sling TV offering can add a variety of additional channel packs for $5 each. The new package should also include the Yankees YES network, for those New York area Comcast customers unable to access it thanks to a carriage fee dispute. Those interested can find more details on the new offerings at the Sling TV website.


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