Sprint Pulls Ad Calling T-Mobile a ‘Ghetto’

Sprint is taking heat for a new ad campaign that insists that being a T-Mobile customer is akin to living in the “ghetto.” The new ads feature Sprint CEO Marcelo sitting around with a group of customers asking their opinion of T-Mobile. In one spot, a customer informs the CEO that she thinks of the “ghetto” when she thinks of T-Mobile, resulting in giggles at the table. It’s another example of how Sprint just can’t quite figure out how to combat T-Mobile’s recent popularity surge, resulting in Sprint losing its spot as the nation’s third-largest carrier.

Sprint quickly pulled the add after people noted that having a table of largely white people making fun of ghettos might not be the most effective marketing campaign.

Sprint’s CEO ultimately took to Twitter to apologize for the ads.

“My job is to listen to consumers,” Claure said. “Our point was to share customer views. Bad judgment on our part. Apologies. Taking the video down.” Though oddly, Claure thought it was also a good idea to scold one Latino woman for finding the ad offensive.

“You are just another suit,” said one user on Twitter. “That video was disrespectful to all of us low-middle class Latinos.”

“I am as Latino as you are so don’t try to pull that card,” the CEO said.



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