Three Weeks In Frontier Verizon Switchover Problems Continue

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While most of the major outages appear to have been resolved, customers in some areas of the country continue to complain about problems related to the Verizon, Frontier switchover. Frontier formally took over Verizon’s FiOS, DSL and phone customers in Texas, California and Florida at the start of April, but users say they continue to have a wide variety of problems, from Internet connectivity woes to a wide assortment of headaches related to voice and TV service.

Both Twitter and Frontier’s Facebook page remains lit up by complaints. In some areas, users say Frontier’s billing systems still aren’t working. In Texas, local news outlets indicate that a number of users don’t have any service whatsoever, though some of these problems appear related to recent storm activity.

There are currently no widespread outages,” the company says of the complaints. “The isolated issues currently being addressed include either individual customer issues from the conversion or the day to day service issues that arise when operating a complex network.”

Frontier isn’t providing a hard number of the number of users still impacted from the transition, but insists it’s working hard to get things up to snuff.

“The customer experience is always at the forefront of our company, and we are committed to each customer s satisfaction,” Frontier says. “We are addressing service orders as quickly as possible, prioritizing repairs over new installations and coordinating both customer availability and the management of our ongoing queue of orders. In all cases, that means the next best available time.


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