Time Warner Cable Expands Company’s ‘Maxx’ Upgrades

Time Warner Cable continues to aggressively expand the company’s “Maxx” broadband speed and TV upgrades into portions of the MidWest and Ohio. Time Warner Cable’s Maxx upgrades not only deliver faster top speeds up to 300 Mbps, but a notably overhauled improvement to the company’s set top box interface. A new company announcement notes that the latest area to see the upgrades is the Hudson Valley area of New York State, including Rhinebeck, Liberty, and Saugerties.

Time Warner Cable says that the expansion will continue into all areas of the Hudson Valley by the end of the summer.

Users in Maxx upgrade markets will see their 15 Mbps “Standard” connections boosted to 50 Mbps, their 30 Mbps “Extreme” connections bumped to 200 Mbps, and the company’s 50 Mbps “Ultimate” tier pushed to 300 Mbps. These upgrades will occur at no additional price (read: price hikes usually come later).

Our customers have asked for faster Internet speeds and we re now able to provide these faster speeds at no additional cost to all of our customers in the Hudson Valley area, said Gary Withey, TWC Area Vice President of Operations for the Hudson Valley. This is just the beginning of the benefits customers will see from our TWC Maxx initiative that will enhance our Internet, video and reliability.

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