Verizon Says Strikers Sabotaging Verizon Network

Verizon Log

Verizon is accusing the company’s striking workers of sabotaging the Verizon network. According to Verizon, most of the instances of sabotage have involved intentionally cutting fiber lines in various locations across New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Since Verizon’s 40,000 union workers went on strike on April 13, Verizon has been forced to pull traditionally-cubicle-bound employees and push them into the field.

Though Verizon doesn’t appear to have any evidence the twenty-one instances of sabotage were directly caused by a union employee, such acts of sabotage obviously make life harder on these workers brought in to help.

“We will find out who s behind these highly dangerous criminal acts and we will pursue criminal charges,” said Michael Mason, Verizon s chief security officer, in a statement. These perpetrators are putting lives at risk and these dangerous acts need to stop, said Mason.

Verizon is promising a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any of the culprits. The Communications Workers of America meanwhile says Verizon is refusing to budge in negotiations over a new contract, meaning the standoff — and service and repair quality issues for consumers — could continue for quite some time.


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