Wave Broadband Offers $80 Gigabit Service in Portland

Wave Broadband Logo

Wave broadband has beaten Google Fiber to the punch by announcing its now offering symmetrical gigabit broadband to some Portland residents for $80 a month. Like most gigabit deployments these days availability is anything but uniform; the company’s announcement makes it clear that the service will be initially be made available to a scattered number of housing developments and apartments around Portland.

Initially, the Wave G gigabit service will be made available to 1,200 units across six complexes. But the company promises it will continue to expand the offerings to more residents as it becomes financially viable.

Portland is a growing, vibrant market and we are excited to introduce Wave s gigabit service to the city, said Harold Zeitz, Wave s President and COO. Wave has delivered robust and reliable gigabit service for the past six years and we will continue to expand its availability as we grow our fiber network. Wave G provides a great customer experience and gives multi-unit buildings a compelling offering for both current and prospective residents.

Wave is beating Google Fiber to the Portland punch, despite several years of work on all sides to bring Google Fiber to the city.

Portland in 2014 reconfigured a city ordinance that banned the placing of fiber cabinets in city rights of way. The state meanwhile, after a few misfires, crafted a law designed to provide Google Fiber with several tax breaks for deploying gigabit service.

Google Fiber has yet to deliver a single bit in Portland, but Comcast was quick to take advantage of the new tax breaks, thanks to its own plans to offer gigabit (and in some select areas two gigabit) service. Google Fiber has yet to unveil a formal launch date or timeline for when it plans to bring gigabit service to Portland, only stating the company is “making progress” and plans to have some kind of formal announcement “soon.”


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