Wednesday Morning Links – 4/13/2016

Verizon won t fix copper lines when customers refuse switch to fiber: “Do not fix trouble” with copper lines, Verizon document says
TWC Wi-Fi plans remain focus of wireless broadband efforts, disses Google Fiber
Facebook is launching its first Internet-beaming satellite in next few months
Fiber TV First, but Google’s Eyeing OTT
As ISPs Push Harder On Usage Caps, House Pushes Bill Preventing The FCC From Doing Anything About It
Half of Facebook’s Free Basics users ditch the freebie web-lite service for the paid-for real deal
FCC & Google Too Close for Comfort, Telecoms Say
Verizon fires back at allegations of dodging taxes as nearly 40,000 workers prepare to strike
FCC boss says that the pay-TV industry is blunting TV’s so-called “Golden Age” of endless quality programming choices


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