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Broadband Internet in Goodland, Kansas

In Goodland, Kansas 0.00% of the population has access to Broadband Internet and the average home download speed is Mbps. 0.00% of the population does not have access to wired broadband Internet Access.

There are 2 DSL Providers, 1 Cable Internet providers, 1 Fiber Internet (FTTH) providers, and 2 Fixed Wireless (WISP) providers in Goodland, KS. There are also 2 Mobile Broadband (cellular) providers with service available in Goodland.

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Service Availability: Goodland

Broadband Coverage Map

ADSL Coverage    Cable Coverage    Fiber Coverage   

Internet Providers Serving Goodland

Provider Coverage Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed Typical Download Speed Typical Upload Speed
DSL Providers
S&T Telephone Cooperative Association100.00% 25 mbps 3 mbps 25 mbps 3 mbps
93.98% 25 mbps 3 mbps 6 mbps 3 mbps
Cable Providers
Eagle Communications, Inc.99.83% 1 gbps 1 gbps 3 mbps 768 kbps
Fiber Internet Providers
Eagle Communications, Inc.70.69% 1 gbps 1 gbps 3 mbps 768 kbps
Fixed Wireless Providers
S&T Telephone Cooperative Association99.90% 25 mbps 3 mbps 25 mbps 3 mbps
Eagle Communications, Inc.94.72% 1 gbps 1 gbps 3 mbps 768 kbps
Mobile Wireless Providers
100.00% 25 mbps 3 mbps 6 mbps 3 mbps
100.00% 25 mbps 6 mbps 25 mbps 6 mbps