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Get Ready To Pay More For Your Telecom Service; + more notable news –

Get ready to pay more for your telecom service
Will Apple make a bid for Netflix in Sun Valley this week?
Court Denies Summary Judgments in ISP s Piracy Liability Lawsuit
An unidentified hacker on a forum is selling 23TB+ of allegedly stolen data on up to 1B Chinese residents for 10 BTC, after breaching a Shanghai police database
WeLink to Offer Free Gigabit Wireless Service in D.C.
T-Mobile UMTS, LTE network shut-downs likely affect more than 1M devices
Google releases a Chrome update for Windows to address a high-severity zero-day vulnerability exploited in the wild, its fourth Chrome zero-day patch in 2022
This ad company is teaming up with US carriers to take over your lock screen
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