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YouTube TV Has 5M+ Subs, Including Free Trial Users, Making It US’ Biggest Internet Pay TV Provider; + more notable news –

Google says YouTube TV has 5M+ subscribers, including free trial users, making it the US’ biggest internet pay TV provider and fifth-largest TV distributor
Canada regulator demands responses from Rogers about internet, wireless outage
Verizon looking desperate amid latest pricing gambit
CableLabs unit and OpenVault connect on tech that squeezes more out of DOCSIS 3.1
Consumers and businesses expected to take Rogers to court over network outage
AT&T Fiber Ordered Up for 750 McDonald’s U.S. Locations
All three major national US carriers saw substantial increases in their average 5G connection speed over roughly the second quarter of 2022
HBO and HBO Max receive 140 Emmy nominations, while Netflix gets 105, Hulu 58, Apple TV+ 52, Disney+ 34, Amazon 30, and broadcast network TV a new low of 86

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