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US DOJ Is Likely To Reject Alphabet’s Google Concessions And File An Antitrust Lawsuit; + more notable news –

Sources: the US DOJ is likely to reject Alphabet’s concessions and file an antitrust lawsuit in the coming weeks over Google’s dominance of the online ad market
Verizon has the best network among US carriers according to J.D. Power
Who Needs the FCC? Microsoft Moves on Broadband Maps
EU lawmakers slam “radical proposal” to let ISPs demand new fees from websites
Ericsson given US green light for $6.2B Vonage buy
Minnesota PUC to investigate revoking broadband provider’s permit; competitors question its ability to build out broadband in rural Minnesota
All 50 States on Board for BEAD, Digital Equity Broadband Funding Programs
Today I learned Amazon has a form so police can get my data without permission or a warrant
Verizon continues 5G ultra-wideband deployment
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