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Europe’s Telcos Flout Net Neutrality In Push To Make Big Tech Pay; + more notable news –

Europe’s telcos flout net neutrality in push to make Big Tech pay
Cox Nears 200 Mbps Download in June Ookla Speedtest Results
Charter Grabs Half of Latest North Carolina Rural Broadband Grants
A popular GPS vehicle tracker made by Shenzhen-based Micodus can be easily exploited to track and remotely cut the engines of at least 1M vehicles
The Delaware Court of Chancery grants Twitter an expedited five-day trial in October in its lawsuit against Elon Musk, who wanted the trial to begin in 2023
Google and Oracle report some of their cloud services and servers in the UK went offline due to cooling failures amid the country’s record-breaking heatwave
US lawmakers release internal Amazon, Meta, and Google documents that they say show evidence of self-preferencing, as they call for tougher tech antitrust laws
Netflix s ad-supported tier will start with a big drawback
Disney Plus and company just dealt another big blow to Netflix
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