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The US’ $42.5B Broadband Budget For Underserved Areas Is Withheld Until The FCC Makes New Maps… In 2023; + more news –

The US’ $42.5B broadband budget for underserved areas is withheld until the FCC makes new service maps, which aren’t expected by rural providers until late 2023
Is Elon Musk s Internet Service Safe? Researcher Develops $25 Tool to Hack Into Starlink Terminal
As Industry Reacts to RDOF Rejections, What About the Other Big Unauthorized Bids?
US cable broadband thrown for a loss, for the first time, in Q2
Rogers looks to save Shaw acquisition with new Videotron deal
YouTube could soon be a one-stop shop for subscription services
Future 5G and Wi-Fi opportunities to be driven by private networks
Streaming Is Starting to Look A Lot Like Cable TV

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