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FCC Has Approved $6 Billion In Broadband Grants Despite Rejecting Starlink; + more notable news –

FCC has approved $6 billion in broadband grants despite rejecting Starlink
FCC’s latest mid-band auction ends with T-Mobile expected to be the big winner
Disney explores a membership program akin to Amazon Prime, bundling streaming, theme parks, and merchandise, and adding a commerce feature to Disney+
T-Mobile goes big on eSIM
AT&T Has Dominated T-Mobile In One Major Category In 2022
Users Can Test Drive T-Mobile s Network for Free for Three Months
US music publishers settle on 15.35% for mechanical streaming rates in 2023-2027, avoiding costly legal fights with Amazon, Apple, Google, Pandora, and Spotify
Busting the myth that private cellular is more costly than WiFi

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