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AT&T Might Have Angered Customers Still Paying Off iPhone 12, iPhone 13, Pixel 6 Purchases; + more notable news –

AT&T might have angered customers still paying off iPhone 12, iPhone 13, Pixel 6 purchases
Feds push for BGP security updates, but ISPs balk at mandates
A prison telco seized millions of customer funds. The FCC won t let it happen again.
Piracy Crisis Averted? AT&T, Verizon & Comcast Lawsuits Dismissed
T-Mobile CEO boasts progress in Sprint integration
DirecTV Drops the Ball Again on NFL Sunday Ticket
The slow march to standalone 5G
A GTAForums user uploads 90 gameplay videos of Rockstar’s upcoming GTA VI, claiming they were behind last week’s Uber hack and may leak GTA V and VI source code

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