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Comcast Says Key Ingredient For Wide Rollout Of DOCSIS 4.0 And ’10G’ Has Passed The Test; + more notable news –

Comcast says key ingredient for wide rollout of DOCSIS 4.0 and ’10G’ has passed the test
Space Storms Destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites, and the Problem Is About to Get Worse
T-Mobile Will Deploy New 2.5 GHz Spectrum ASAP
California bill would let wireless in on broadband grants
Apple’s iPhone satellite communications – a game changer or dud?
Musk s Starlink Says It s Unfair The FCC Pulled $886 Million In Subsidies Musk Claims He Doesn t Want Anyway
FCC Licenses Lynk Global Satellite to Phone Service
46 US states call for Meta monopoly lawsuit to be reinstated

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