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FCC Plans To Ban All Sales Of New Huawei, ZTE Telecoms Devices In The US Over National Security Concerns; + more news –

The FCC plans to ban all sales of new Huawei and ZTE telecommunications devices in the US over national security concerns, pending a vote
Amazon plans to launch its first two Project Kuiper prototype internet satellites in early 2023 on the new Vulcan rocket developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin
Ukrainian officials say some Starlink devices that suffered outages have come back online; officials rule out technical malfunctions or Russian jamming
Dish Network in talks to sell Boost to Ergen’s SPAC
Starry to default on all RDOF bids – FCC
Microsoft says Apple plans to launch desktop Apple TV and Apple Music apps for Windows in 2023; Windows 11’s Photos app will get iCloud integration
Labour Party Promises Mandatory Social Broadband ISP Tariffs For Cheaper Broadband For Those On Benefits
Gov Hands Huawei Legal Notices to UK Mobile and Broadband ISPs
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