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US Telecom Giants Abused $14B Affordable Connectivity Program By Introducing Price Hikes, Speed Cuts, Fraud; + more news –

An investigation details how US telecom giants abused the FCC’s $14B Affordable Connectivity Program by introducing price hikes, speed cuts, and fraud risks
Will BEAD Rules Drive States to Rethink Anti-Municipal Broadband Laws?
CableLabs aims to bring mobility to Wi-Fi
Dish pledges Project Genesis expansion in Q1
RNC sues Google over spam filter, complains Gmail is modern Western Union /
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says US subscribers can expect price hikes in 2023, after recent increases by Apple and YouTube; Premium has cost $9.99/month since 2011
FTC slaps down Drizly CEO after 2.4m user records stolen from ‘careless’ booze app biz
iPhone will get USB-C charging as Apple says it will comply with EU law
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