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5G ‘Overhyped’ And Many Mobile Users Haven’t Seen Speed Improvements; + more notable news –

5G overhyped and many mobile users haven t seen speed improvements
Cable vs. Streaming Services: Which Is Cheaper? It all depends on where you live and what you watch
Report: US state and local governments kept buying Chinese telecom equipment despite a federal-level ban; only five states have rules to limit such purchases
The USDA announces $759M in grants and loans for 49 recipients in 24 states for rural high-speed internet access, as part of the $65B infrastructure law
Cox Gigablast Advertising Claims Challenged – Some Upheld, Some Not
Comcast s Xfinity Mobile Reaches Five Million Customer Lines in Five Years
Microsoft says Xbox Game Pass is profitable and accounts for ~15% of Xbox’s content and services revenue, after sharing PC Game Pass subscriptions rose 159% YoY
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