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FTC Action Against Vonage Results In $100M To Customers Trapped By Illegal Dark Patterns And Junk Fees; + more news –

FTC Action Against Vonage Results in $100 Million to Customers Trapped by Illegal Dark Patterns and Junk Fees When Trying to Cancel Service
Lumen expected to miss its 1M fiber buildout target
New Altice CEO, a former cable guy, backs Altice USA’s big fiber bet
FCC Action on 6 GHz Wi-Fi Band Paves Path for High-Speed Fixed Wireless
Record Labels Wins $47 Million Piracy Liability Verdict Against ISP Grande
Hands-on with Netflix’s Basic with Ads: while most shows have pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads are more unpredictable; many popular shows are locked to higher tiers
5G wireless & distributed computation will shape the fabric of future networks
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