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Starlink Announces 1TB Monthly Cap, Users Who Go Over Will Get Slower Speeds; 25¢/GB For Additional Data; + more news –

Starlink announces 1TB monthly cap, users who go over will get slower speeds; 25 per GB for additional high-speed data; overnight use doesn’t count
CableLabs CEO Outlines DOCSIS 4.0 Deployment Timelines
Viasat, EchoStar and Iridium hint at cellular-to-satellite interest
T-Mobile Pays Up in Multimillion-Dollar Data Breach Settlement
UScellular warns cable: FWA is coming for you, but not until 2024
T-Mobile Confirms You Can Get Two Months of 5G Internet Almost for Free
Google starts processing Stadia refunds, says contacting customer support won’t speed things up

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