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Financial Analysts: Cable Is A Bigger Threat To Wireless Than Wireless Is To Cable; + more notable news –

Financial Analysts: Cable is a Bigger Threat to Wireless Than Wireless is to Cable
Consumer advocates, industry groups still quibbling over broadband label rules
Internet Satisfaction Report: 89% Have Reliable Access
Microsoft plans to launch an app store for Android and iOS games as soon as 2024 if regulators clear its $75B Activision bid and the EU’s DMA rules take effect
Netflix plans to launch 40 games in 2023 and has a further 70 in development with its partners, after releasing 55 titles since adding games in November 2021
An overview of 55 zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in 2022, mostly in products from Apple, Microsoft, and Google; Chinese groups exploited more than others
Google Blocks Multiple China-Made Apps Over Malware, Monitoring

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