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Starlink’s Dominance Of Satellite Internet Raises Alarms About Elon Musk’s Growing Geopolitical Sway; + more news –

Starlink’s dominance of satellite internet raises alarms about Elon Musk’s growing geopolitical sway; Starlink has 4,500+ satellites, or 50%+ of all satellites
Study: just 2% of Spotify super listeners drive over 18% of monthly streams on average for an artist, with the number rising to 30% for the biggest artists
CFO: Charter Has Won Over $700M in Broadband Funding Since RDOF
The latest 5G innovation: Even more price increases
SpaceX Launches Enormous Satellite for Faster Rural Broadband
NTIA readies nearly $1 billion in 2nd round Tribal Broadband
Apple confirms Screen Time bug that means parental restrictions may not stick
Charter: 11% of broadband base taking Spectrum Mobile
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