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In An Open Letter, The CEOs Of 20 European Telcos Ask EU To Make Big Tech Pay Fair Share For Using Networks; + more news –

In an open letter, the CEOs of 20 European telcos including BT, Telekom, and Telef nica, ask the EU to make Big Tech pay a fair share for using their networks
Slim-to-zero chance that new net neutrality rules will spark price regulation – analysts
A new Chrome 0-day is sending the Internet into a new chapter of Groundhog Day
Is broadband essential, like water or electricity? New net neutrality effort makes the case
Fifth Of China’s Broadband Users Access Speeds Of 1 Gbit/S Or Above
LG is dropping ATSC 3.0 from its TVs next year – LG s new TVs won t support the IP-based broadcast system, costing ATSC 3.0 one of its most prominent advocates
Rogers Welcomes All Riders to the TTC 5G Network

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