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Ad Watchdog To Comcast: Tone It Down On ’10G.’ Comcast Isn’t Giving Up Without A Fight; + more notable news –

Ad Watchdog to Comcast: Tone It Down on 10G. Comcast Isn t Giving Up Without a Fight
Netflix may tap price hikes after success of password-sharing crackdown
Eradicating the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset flaw, which hackers exploited to launch record-setting DDoS attacks, requires patching virtually every web server globally
Ting ACP Customers Can Get Speeds Up to 2 Gbps for Free
Ligado Sues The Government, Claims US Military Stole Its Spectrum
Disney+ Hotstar reclaims the global on-demand video streaming record with 35M concurrent viewers of the India-Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup match on October 14
Qatar Airways, Starlink Collaborate to Offer High-Speed In-Flight Internet
T-Mobile US pioneers in 5G Standalone roaming testing

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