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The Most Insane Robocall Mitigation Plans Telcos Filed With FCC, Including ‘An Indiscernible Object’; + more news –

The most insane robocall mitigation plans that telcos filed with the FCC – FCC received blank pages, a Windows Printer Test, and an “indiscernible object”
Comcast Helps to Develop First Ever AI-powered Network
T-Mobile’s forced move to $5/line pricier plans won’t apply to Metro subscribers
Israel announces talks with SpaceX to set up Starlink, a first for the country, as a backup in case its other wartime communication systems are disrupted
Cisco buried the lede. >10,000 network devices backdoored through unpatched 0-day
EE Becomes BT s Main UK Broadband Brand – Launch 1.6Gb FTTP
X (formerly Twitter) launches $1 Not-A-Bot subscription for new users
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