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Ookla: Cox And AT&T Tops For Fixed Broadband; + more notable news –

Ookla: Cox and AT&T Tops for Fixed Broadband
Netflix wants more of your money, but is the streaming industry getting too cocky?
Fly-by-night telecoms seem to be giving the FCC the finger over its “robocall mitigation” mandate
Lumen Claims to Be First to Offer Its Own Wi-Fi 7 Device
FCC’s move to restore net neutrality rules a ‘tragic mistake,’ NCTA CEO says
Every Year Like Clockwork The Telecom Industry Lies And Claims Broadband Prices Are Dropping
The IRS plans to offer a free, mobile-friendly, interview-based direct e-filing option for 13 US states in 2024, for taxpayers with simpler tax situations
The 5G download data speed of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is nearly twice as fast as its predecessor

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