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Comcast Says Hackers Breached One Of Its Servers In October 2023 And Stole Data On 35,879,455 People; + more news –

Comcast’s Xfinity says hackers breached one of its Citrix servers in October 2023, two weeks after Citrix issued a patch, and stole data on 35,879,455 people
The Ultimate Satellite Internet Showdown: Kuiper vs Starlink
Republicans slam broadband discounts for poor people, threaten to kill program
GOP Wants To Prevent The FCC From Protecting Broadband Consumer Privacy
HughesNet debuts a $110/month 100Mbps satellite internet plan, double its previous top speed; Starlink offers 220Mbps, but US Ookla data shows many get ~70Mbps
Apple and Beeper’s iMessage tussle gets loud enough for US lawmakers to hear
The iPhone’s satellite now works with Verizon’s roadside assistance

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