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After Spending $13M+ On US Lobbying In The Past Decade, Huawei Quietly Shutters In-House Lobbying; + more notable news –

After spending $13M+ on US lobbying in the past decade, Huawei quietly shutters its in-house lobbying operation, ending an effort to overturn the US bans
Iridium Project Stardust Satellite-to-Cellphone Offering Will Support 5G Messaging
Piracy Is Surging Again Because Streaming Execs Ignored The Lessons Of The Past
SpaceX and T-Mobile send the first text messages from orbiting Starlink satellites
Your Spectrum Cable Box Is About To Get More Expensive
Luminate’s 2023 report: the global music industry passed 4T streams in 2023, a new record and up 34% YoY; Taylor Swift accounted for one in every 78 US streams
Netflix s Ad Tier Now Exceeds 23 Million Monthly Active Users

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