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Report: U.S. Could Be A ‘Spectrum Island’ If It Doesn’t Join Global Spectrum Harmonization Efforts; + more notable news –

Report: U.S. Could be a Spectrum Island If It Doesn t Join Global Spectrum Harmonization Efforts
2G’s death sentence gets a reprieve in the US
Comcast Gets A Wrist Slap For Using Dumb And Misleading 10G Marketing To Confuse Customers
AT&T: Landlines are an ‘historical curiosity that’s no longer necessary’
FCC asked to add a special phone unlocking condition to approval of the T-Mobile-Mint deal
Reddit beats film industry again, won t have to reveal pirates IP addresses
Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence unit says Russian forces are using Starlink terminals on the front line, confirming media reports of Russia using Starlink
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