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How The US Plans To Use Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) To Unseat Huawei’s Lead In Telecom Tech; + more news –

How the US plans to use open radio access networks, or Open RAN, to unseat Huawei’s lead in telecom tech, including committing $1.5B+ to bolster global adoption
NTCA CEO Sees Congress in Disarray : Providers Should Remind Them What They Need to Get Done
Government might be urged to scrutinize new ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery sports streaming JV
Prime Video cuts Dolby Vision, Atmos support from ad tier – and didn t tell subs
Super Bowl LVIII: Verizon Subscribers Used 52.34 TB of Data on Game Day
AT&T: Your Landline Is Not Going Away But It Needs An Upgrade
Apple slammed over Beeper Mini controversy as FCC Commissioner calls for investigation

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